Great Dane redesigns entire product line


Great Dane has completely redesigned its entire product line to meet the evolving needs of its customers by incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials and features into its base models.

The new Champion dry freight vans “was engineered by Great Dane to be highly versatile and equally tough, providing unparalleled performance and exceptional value to the customer,” said a company official.

Each Champion model has standard features boldly stand up to the challenges of everyday abuse and result in reduced maintenance costs, long service life and a solid return on investment, he noted.

A noticeable improvement on all Champion models is Great Dane’s new standard dry van rear frame, EnduroGuard, which combines superior strength with corrosion resistance to withstand the elements and last a lifetime.

Said to be the strongest in the industry, extruded aluminum bottom rails are securely fastened with aluminum rivets to I-beam crossmembers. Galvanized steel, anti-snag roof bows offer unmatched durability and longevity.

Standard composite swing-type rear doors with dual-seal gaskets have galvanized steel skins and a resilient polymer core, which eliminate corrosion associated with moisture absorption in plywood cores.

Available in aluminum and stainless steel exteriors, composite panel designs, FRP and insulated models, and shallow or deep drop configurations for high-cube hauling applications, “Champion dry freight vans offer the versatility to serve all types of operations,” said the official.


Refrigerated trailers

Great Dane’s entire series of Everest refrigerated trailers, including TL and SS models for long haul truckload carriers and CL for specialized, foodservice and multi-temp applications, “has been re-engineered with stringent standards to be tougher, last longer and operate more efficiently than its predecessors and competitors,” the official said.

New standards for all Everest reefers include reinforced features like a stainless steel rear frame for superior strength and corrosion resistance, a patented corrugated aluminum roof that adds stiffness to the structure, and PunctureGuard interior lining, a lightweight, puncture resistant, glass-reinforced thermoplastic material produced exclusively by Great Dane.

Also standard are aluminum doors with a unique dual-sealed gasket, which eliminates moisture intrusion and locks in refrigerated air.

“The industry’s highest-rated flooring system features aluminum ducts and full-width composite floor sills to protect the trailer from moisture damage from the inside and out,” he said.


Flatbed trailers

The entirely redesigned line of Freedom flatbed trailers feature new standards and specs.

Offered in steel, combination steel and aluminum, and all aluminum models, the Freedom is designed to meet the needs of all types of platform operations.

“Because so much attention is paid to using the lightest weight and longest lasting components in the manufacturing process, Freedom platform trailers have earned a reputation across North America for boosting payload capacities and having significant resale values,” said the company official.

The Freedom SE is a heavy duty all-steel trailer with available straight, drop or extendable body styles.

It is protected against corrosion with structural steel side rails and other steel components that are shot blasted and then covered with a high quality two-part paint process composed of an epoxy primer and black urethane topcoat.

The Freedom LT combo steel and aluminum trailer is exceptionally lightweight but built for performance with unique features that offer weight savings and reduced maintenance costs. The ultra-lightweight Freedom XP is rated to handle up to 120,000 pounds of uniformly distributed loads but designed to be 1,000 pounds lighter than its combination counterpart.

All Great Dane trailers now come with Stemco’s Platinum Performance Plus wheel end system backed by an extended six-year warranty.

Grote Micro Nova DOT LED lamps improve visibility and safety for drivers.

Great Dane’s Long Life Light System combines the flexibility of a custom wiring system with the durability of a fully sealed modular harness.

“The Long Life Light System prevents moisture intrusion and is truly a maintenance free solution accompanied by a ten-year warranty,” noted the company official.