WABCO presents latest advancement in electronic tire pressure monitoring


Wabco Holdings, a global technology leader and tier-one supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, has announced the availability of its new Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring (IVTM) technology for the North American market, representing the company’s latest advancement in integrated monitoring of tire pressure on trucks, trailers and buses.

Wabco’s new and improved IVTM system provides drivers with real-time tire pressure information. By using IVTM, customers can maintain tire inflation at an optimum level that can reduce fuel consumption up to two percent.

Using Wabco’s IVTM system also helps increase the lifetime of tires up to 20 percent. It fits all wheel sizes and all types of light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles with up to 20 wheels.

It also helps prevent vehicle downtime and reduce repair costs.

IVTM improves vehicle safety as correct tire inflation enables better road handling and shorter braking distance. It also detects slow leaks which contribute to heat build-up, the cause of the majority of tire failures.

“Wabco’s new and improved technology for tire pressure monitoring is the industry’s only tire information system of its kind for trucks, buses and trailers,” said Nikhil Varty, WABCO Vice President, Americas.

“Our unique IVTM system is another example of WABCO’s technology leadership and it enables vehicle manufacturers and fleets to benefit from WABCO’s newest advancements in vehicle safety and efficiency.”

Wabco’s IVTM system uses external wheel-mounted sensors to constantly measure tire pressure and wirelessly transmit this information to an electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU alerts the driver to tire pressure changes either through the factory-installed dashboard display or via an easily mounted dedicated display.

Wabco’s new IVTM is the latest generation of technology pioneered in 2003 in collaboration with Michelin. IVTM is a trademark of Michelin.


Wabco breakthroughs

As the technology leader in the global commercial vehicle industry, WABCO’s breakthroughs include, among other vehicle safety and efficiency technologies:

- The first autonomous emergency braking system (AEBS).

- The first collision mitigation system (CMS) with active braking.

- The first electronic stability control (ESC) system.

Wabco also pioneered the industry’s first electronic braking system (EBS), the first electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS), the first automated manual transmission (AMT) system, the first anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the first high performance single-piston air disc brakes.

Wabco was founded in the United States in 1869 as Westinghouse Air Brake Company.