Peterbilt Introduces SmartAir system


Reduced fuel costs, improved driver comfort and seamless factory installation are several advantages offered by Peterbilt’s new SmartAir anti-idle cooling system - a battery-based, advanced-technology system, said Bill Kozek, Peterbilt’s General Manager and Paccar Vice President.

“SmartAir is green technology that provides multiple business solutions by reducing fuel costs, minimizing maintenance requirements and increasing payload capacity through its lightweight, compact design,” he said.

“Additionally, it helps companies comply with anti-idle laws nationwide while reducing their carbon footprint.”

From an operator’s perspective, the system is easy to operate and has the cooling capacity to keep the sleeper comfortable in even the harshest hot-weather climates.

SmartAir has a 7,500 BTU/Hour cooling capacity and can operate up to 10 hours on a single charge, both of which the company said are the highest in the industry for a battery-based cooling system.

SmartAir is powered by four, 31-plate, absorbed glass mat Paccar batteries that are electrically managed from the vehicle’s starting battery. The compact, brushless DC compressor and evaporator assembly, located under the bunk for easy access, combines power and efficiency.

The split-system design means the brushless condenser fan is remotely located in a low, central position outside the cab for optimum performance and maximum under-bunk storage capacity. In fact, the company said the split-system design results in the industry’s smallest footprint for an anti-idle cooling system.


Factory installed

All components of the system are factory installed, providing several key benefits, according to Peterbilt Chief Engineer Landon Sproull.

“SmartAir is built into the vehicle during the assembly process so customers are assured consistent, quality installation that utilizes existing HVAC outlet registers for clean fit and finish, as well as balanced airflow,” said Sproull.

He said the convenient locations of the systems’ components facilitate serviceability and routine maintenance requires only occasional cleaning or replacement of the air filter.

SmartAir features a user interface that is simple to use and ensures reliable operation. The in-sleeper control module operates both cooling and heating through four buttons and an easy-to-read LCD display, which also shows remaining battery life.

“Operators will enjoy full automatic temperature control that is precise and consistent,” Sproull said. “It’s literally set it and forget it, helping ensure a comfortable sleeper environment regardless of the conditions outside.”