New Dana feature for tandem axle

Dana Holding Corporation has announced it will be introducing its new Spicer SelecTTrac housing option on its new Pro-40 tandem axle.

This innovative housing design optimizes the use of wide-based tires for customers wanting the flexibility to convert between wide-base single tires with low off-set wheels and standard dual wheels with a single housing.

“Wide-base single tires are becoming increasingly popular as the industry looks for ways to improve efficiency,” said Mark Wallace, president, Dana On-Highway Driveline Technologies. “With Spicer SelecTTrac, customers can benefit from the weight and fuel savings of wide-based single tires, and still maximize their axle system weight rating and wheel-end life.”

Spicer SelecTTrac will be available on Dana’s Spicer Pro-40 tandem axle, which already offers nearly a 100 lb. weight improvement over competitive products.

This family of axles also features improved power density, which enables customers to increase payload, improve fuel economy, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Effective July 1, the Spicer Pro-40 with SelecTTrac and all other Spicer-branded products will be supported by Dana’s field service and support network, featuring:

- Direct access to the world leader in driveline technology, including dedicated applications and engineering support.

- Industry-leading warranty coverage and support.

- Experienced and professional field-based representation and technical support.

- Localized inventory for truck-down situations.

- Cutting-edge Web and technology tools, including the latest technology to provide service and support to customers.

- A commitment to two-way customer dialogue and a continuous pipeline of innovations aligned with industry trends and customer needs.