Freightliner Trucks reveals the Revolution Innovation Truck

New concept vehicle showcases advanced technology

“We took a close look at how drivers use their space, and what features would most impact their overall experience,” said Andrew Olson, senior engineer, cab engineering for DTNA. “We want to help make the driver’s job as safe and productive as possible.”

Further adding to driver comfort and uptime, a sliding rear door opens to a large rear deck, and side steps give drivers a new way to easily access their trailer connections. The center plate on the deck lifts up to simplify access to the DEF and in-rail fuel tanks.

A smaller side baggage door in lieu of a full-sized passenger door enables drivers to load the truck from the ground level, and a panel to the truck’s fuse box is easily accessible for routine maintenance requirements. All doors are controlled by a sophisticated keyless entry system.



Among the noteworthy features of the Revolution concept truck is its Detroit Long Haul Tandem rear axle configuration. The new fuel efficient design de-clutches the rear axle from the driveline at highway speeds, enabling it to act as a tag axle and reduce fuel sipping friction losses.

If the truck detects slip conditions, it immediately re-engages the rear axle and switches back to the standard 6x4 drive configuration.

“The Detroit Long Haul Tandem provides the best of both worlds – the safety and stability of a 6x4 combined with the fuel efficiency of a 6x2,” said Yee.

To save even more energy, the side AC condenser has been relocated from the front and repositioned mid-chassis with a side air intake. Because the AC condenser does not require high levels of air flow, electric fans are employed at idle or slow speeds, allowing for more efficient fan cooling.

The use of a viscous fan clutch for the radiator further ensures that the fan uses only as much energy as needed to cool the engine.

A custom-built radiator and lightweight, side-mounted cooling system add to the truck’s overall efficiency.

The Revolution Innovation Truck is equipped with the Detroit DD13 engine, which is ideal for regional and LTL applications. In-rail fuel tanks with a capacity of 75 gallons further help increase payload.



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