Freightliner Trucks reveals the Revolution Innovation Truck

New concept vehicle showcases advanced technology


Freightliner Trucks recently unveiled a forward-looking concept vehicle, the Revolution Innovation Truck what the company describes as a “revolutionary, full-size crossover cab.”

The Revolution features the latest advancements in technology while offering day cab functionality and the flexibility of a sleeper, David Hames, general manager, marketing and strategy for Daimler Trucks North America, of which Freightliner is a part. The concept builds on Freightliner’s first Innovation Truck, introduced in 2009.

“For 70 years, Freightliner Trucks has led the industry in developing the best-performing vehicles for our customers, and the Revolution concept truck builds on and continues that legacy of achievement,” he said. “Our global engineering expertise and depth of resources will continue to result in world-class solutions that will shape future transportation and benefit our customers.”


Aerodynamic style

The fully functional Revolution includes some of the most advanced elements in efficient design for optimal performance.

The truck’s focus on aerodynamics has led to a striking, all-new look for day cabs, featuring a tightly packaged sloping hood, a low-mounted grille and integrated raised roof.

“We’ve taken what we learned with our first Innovation Truck and moved several steps forward,” said Justin Yee, DTNA’s manager of vehicle concepts. “The Revolution truly showcases the depth of our capabilities when encouraged to think outside the box and really get creative with our design solutions.”

The Revolution’s unique, asymmetric crossover cab design marks the first time a day cab-sized truck has included a sleek, integrated raised roof. Not only does this configuration provide a more expansive interior, but the seamless integration removes air gaps and improves airflow management between the tractor and trailer to reduce overall drag and improve fuel economy.

The truck’s wrap-around windshield, strategically positioned side hood vents, dramatically sloped hood and low-mounted front grille are not only stylish, but are also designed to enhance performance.

“We’ve left no stone unturned on the Revolution,” said Yee. “Aerodynamics has been considered in all aspects of this truck.”

Additional aerodynamic features on the Revolution Innovation Truck include front vents that release air pressure coming across the front grille and a brand-new rear wheel cover concept that keeps air flowing smoothly from the chassis fairing to the trailer.

To reduce drag, a top step is hidden behind the door and the door handles have been removed from the cab.

Side-view cameras transmit a wide-angle view of the road into the cab via monitors mounted inside, replacing cab-mounted mirrors, further benefiting overall aerodynamics.


For tomorrow’s driver

A roomy cab is just the beginning of driver-friendly features found inside the Revolution Innovation Truck.

The crossover cab concept is a flexible new idea that serves as a workspace during the day, with a convertible jumpseat that transforms into a sleeper for rest. Abundant storage is found throughout the cab.

The interior features a large skylight in the roofcap to give the cabin a lighter, more spacious feel. Thoughtfully placed LED lighting throughout the cabin creates a functional and relaxing atmosphere, while the easy-to-read dash reduces driver distraction.

The Revolution is equipped with a conceptual Truck Operating System (TruckOS) that combines the intelligent on-board truck network with the portability, Internet connectivity, and entertainment options of a tablet device.

Features include a Smart Navigation device, which combines route mapping, navigation tools and Internet searches; CB 2.0, which enables driver-to-driver chats; a Load Finder that searches online loadboards for jobs; and Truck Health, which works with the truck’s diagnostic system to provide automatic maintenance alerts and then directs the driver to the closest Freightliner dealer.

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