Peterbilt’s Model 579 is new from the ground up

Innovative aerodynamic styling, robust design complement productivity-driven driver environment

Two cab trim levels are available: the Platinum, a luxurious and elegant interior with woodgrain highlights throughout the cab and sleeper; and the Prestige, an optimal balance between comfort and functionality.

Both are available in a choice of Buckskin Tan and Titanium Gray, with optional Burgundy accents in the Platinum.


The dash

The dash is constructed from a soft, durable material and has an integrated tray for convenient storage of often-used items. The dash shell, kick panels and steering column shroud are made from molded-in-color parts to maintain cosmetic integrity and attractiveness.

The Platinum-level interior includes a passenger-side work surface above the glove box for paperwork and other tasks.

The main instrumentation panel, Sproull said, has easy-to-read gauges that are completely visible through the steering wheel, as is the color, five-inch Driver Information Display which provides a new engine-RPM sweet-spot indicator to help drivers maximize fuel economy and the capability to display virtual gauges. The secondary gauge display area can accommodate six optional gauges or Peterbilt’s SmartNav driver infotainment center.

The standard steering column can be adjusted simultaneously for both tilt and telescoping through an easy-to-use, column-mounted lever.

Two new steering wheels are available: the 18-inch, four-spoke, soft-touch Standard Wheel, and the leather-wrapped Premium Wheel with integrated audio and cruise control buttons.



Peterbilt’s new Evolution seats “strike a perfect balance between comfort and support,” Sproull said. “They have a wide cushion with optimized foam density and provide exceptional lumbar support.”

The Evolution ST seat is standard and can be upgraded with optional heating elements and the premium Evolution LX features two-chamber lumbar support, adjustable side bolsters, adjustable suspension dampening, heating and ventilation options, a swivel option and additional storage pockets.



Productivity, safety, comfort and amenities converge in the pedal package that incorporates pedal position preferences and pedal effort requirements.

“During our extensive interviews, it was clear drivers preferred the feel of a floor-mounted throttle pedal, but they also appreciated the easiness to clean and quiet operation of a hanging-style pedal. So we designed one that captures the best of both worlds - an efficient hanging pedal design with floor-mounted feel and actuation,” said Sproull.


Interior lighting

Less power and longer life are two features of the all-LED interior lighting system that has strategically placed lamps throughout the cab and sleeper, reducing fatigue and providing an updated, contemporary feel.

Both cab and sleeper are heated and cooled by the company’s automatic climate control system that maintains consistent, reliable HVAC performance.


At-rest environment

Recognizing that a driver’s at-rest environment is as important to overall productivity as the operating environment, Sproull said numerous amenities were built into the detachable, sleeper.

“It’s a spacious design that begins with the large entryway between the cab and sleeper that has the roominess and accessibility that one expects from an integrated sleeper. However, as part of the Unibilt family, it is fully detachable for enhanced resale value and increased versatility in second- and third-life operations.”

Among the features of the 579’s sleeper are:

- Wide use of LED lighting.

- Convenient pull-out workstation.

- Abundant side and rear wall cabinet storage. ;

- Wall-to-wall, 85-inch premium mattress - said to be the longest in the industry.

- Liftable bunk for additional storage and service access to HVAC and audio components.

- Optional mid-height refrigerator.

- Optional mounting bracket for a 22-inch flat-panel television that includes an inverter, fourth battery and convenient duplex power outlets.

- DVD/Video game console shelf with cable pass-through to the television and power

- Oversized wardrobe closets

“At the end of the day we wanted the driver to be able to relax and rejuvenate with as many of the comforts and amenities of home as possible,” Sproull said.



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