Truck-Lite introduces Dual-Function Pigtail


Truck-Lite has developed an easy-to-install wiring adapter that makes use of existing Truck-Lite LED marker lamps to provide advanced signal indication to following traffic.

"We know that many Class 8 truck and trailers require wider turning radiuses or longer stopping distances, and can benefit from advanced awareness to following traffic," said Brad Van Riper, Truck-Lite's chief technology officer.

Made in the U.S.A., the Dual-Function Pigtail adapter has been designed to work together with select Truck-Lite LED marker lamps to manage the amount of light the lamps deliver, adding a second, brighter function to the lamps.

Van Riper said: "With many traditional stop and turn lamps positioned lower to the ground, it's often the case that tailing traffic can't see the indication of turns or stops. This pigtail allows high-mounted marker lamps, which are more easily seen by vehicles behind a truck or trailer, to provide additional indication of stops and turns."

During normal driving, the pigtail operates the lamps at standard marker light output levels, until a brake function is made.

Upon doing so, the pigtail increases the light output, providing an increased level identification to those tailing the vehicle.

By providing a second function to the marker lamp application, typical marker lamp installations can now assist with stop and turn awareness, even to those multiple vehicles behind in traffic.

The pigtails install directly into traditional harness connections, making use of existing brake functions.

The pigtail is available in a variety of configurations for use with different harness connections and a number of Truck-Lite LED marker clearance lamps.