Cummins Emission Solutions unveils new technology


Cummins Emission Solutions, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc., has announced new EcoFit aftertreatment solutions for the North American market. These solutions are designed to monitor, control and diagnose engine and aftertreatment systems in a way that reduces emissions while optimizing performance of the entire system.

The EcoFit products, available to all commercial vehicle engine manufacturers, will achieve a lower overall cost of ownership and allow customers to differentiate from the competition through improved vehicle integration.

Cummins Emission Solutions supports Cummins long-standing commitment to work toward a cleaner, healthier and safer environment while striving for emissions technology leadership.

“Our technology expertise and enhanced product portfolio have allowed us to develop and offer products such as the EcoFit Urea Dosing System, helping our OEM customers meet emissions regulations with a lower cost of ownership for the end-user customer,” said Amy Adams, general manager, Global On-Highway Business, Cummins Emission Solutions.


EcoFit Urea Dosing System

The EcoFit Urea Dosing System (UDS) has been developed for use in light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Initially announced last November, the EcoFit UDS is designed to meet upcoming regulations in China, India and Russia.

Work is under way to apply the system to upcoming emissions regulations in other regions so that Cummins Emission Solutions can continue to offer system integration opportunities by existing selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system manufacturers.

The EcoFit UDS delivers improved oxides of nitrogen (NOx) conversion efficiency, which offers the opportunity to tune engines for improved fuel economy or to reduce the size of a typical SCR system, Adams explained. The air-assisted system is also designed to minimize the risk of urea deposits, increasing the durability and reliability of the aftertreatment system.

Offered as both tank-mount and chassis-mount, the system reduces vehicle integration efforts.


EcoFit Hydrocarbon Dosing System

Cummins Emission Solutions has improved its EcoFit Hydrocarbon Dosing System.

The system enables thermal management for active diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration.

Offering improved reliability, the system uses a new design that improves robustness by decreasing the chances of clogs and leaks, according to Adams. Without changing the external design, regeneration capabilities remain efficient by reducing flow loss over time at similar flow rates as those of today.


EcoFit Catalyst Technology

The company is continuously working on innovative catalyst technologies that make aftertreatment systems perform more efficiently and in smaller packages, offering improved fuel economy, Adams noted.

One of the EcoFit Catalyst Technologies currently in development is extruded SCR catalysts. This technology enables significant reduction in aftertreatment size, or the ability to increase NOx conversion rates within an SCR system.