Air Conqueror Series from SOLUS


SOLUS-Solutions and Technologies offers a line of advanced truck and trailer aerodynamic drag reduction technologies.

Its new Air Conqueror Series includes 14 different EPA and CARB verified trailer split skirt configurations, including a reefer skirt, plus wheel cavity covers, says the company’s Dustin Sebring.

The reefer skirt, at 18 feet long, is the shortest length EPA verified and CARB approved skirt on the market, he says. “It provides nearly 5% fuel savings, zero interference with the reefer fuel tank and exceeds industry product durability and ease of operation requirements.”

The company’s split side skirts come in lengths from 20 to 24 feet and feature a two-piece design that provides 8 inches of static ground clearance with rugged flex panels providing 20 feet of total ground clearance and a weight of less than 200 pounds.

The skirts are available with a fixed or movable aft panel. This panel minimizes the skirt-to-wheel gap effect by moving with the tandem for enhanced and increased access for safety and maintenance checks, says Sebring.

Depending on the skirt configuration, fuel savings range from more than 4% to nearly 6%.


Wheel covers

SOLUS also offers wheel cavity covers that that fit all truck and trailer dual and wide base wheels.

These covers provide additional fuel savings, especially when used with the company’s side skirts.

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