Designed to reduce weight, optimize performance


Alcoa recently launched a new series of wide base aluminum wheels. The new line is engineered for high-performance through Alcoa’s proprietary LvL ONE wheel manufacturing process of light weighting.

At just 58 pounds, and load ratings up to 12,800 pounds, Alcoa’s wide base wheels are the lightest 14-inch aluminum wheels in its class on the market, according to Merrick Murphy, vice president and general manager, Americas & Pac Rim, Alcoa Commercial Vehicle Wheels.

Wide base wheels replace dual wheels and reduce overall vehicle weight for improved productivity or increased fuel economy.

Switching from single steel 22.5 x 8.25-inch wheels to Alcoa 14-inch wide base wheels can reduce the weight of an 18-wheeler by nearly 1,400 pounds, cutting annual fuel costs or increasing payload, he says.

“Identifying ways to improve upon our technology to increase our products’ benefits is always a primary objective,” notes Murphy. “We continue to lead the way in innovation and are proud to be able to offer our customers the lightest and most efficient wide base wheel in the industry.”

Alcoa 14-inch wide base wheels run cooler, extend tire durability and improve productivity, he says. “No other component on a truck is as simple to swap out, offering immediate benefits to both the environment and the bottom line.”


Manufacturing features

The new wide base wheels are available in 0-inch, 1-inch and 2-inch offsets to fit all axle types.

Each wheel roll stamp contains “0-inch Offset This Side Out” or “2-inch Outset This Side Out” to indicate offset mounting position.

In addition, Alcoa locates the roll stamp, valve hole and valve stem direction on all wheels to ensure proper installation for all axle types.

Aloca’s wide base wheels are provided in clean buff, polished, Dura-Bright (no-polish, easy-maintenance) and Dura-Flange (specially treated rim flange that reduces wear and extends wheel service) finish options.

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