Laydon Composites introduces The Curve

In response to customer demands for an inexpensive and less damage-prone aerodynamic device that is also California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant and EPA SmartWay approved, Laydon Composites (LCL) has developed The CURVE - an under trailer aerodynamic device.

LCL "took a whole new approach" to the matter of under trailer aerodynamic devices, says Andy Acott, the company's sales manager. "Our goal was to meet only the 5 percent minimum fuel savings requirement for compliance, while using the absolute minimum amount of material to deliver the lowest installed weight and cost of any EPA or CARB certified device."

As an alternative to the conventional two-sided skirt, LCL's The CURVE is a single skirt that mounts in the center of the trailer with a crescent shaped fairing in front of the slider.

The center panel is independent of the rear deflector and will bend in either direction, always returning to center like a saloon swinging door, he explains. The CURVE uses a patented injection-molded clamp and flexible spring to allow the panel to bend, flex and absorb impacts.

The trailer skirt is mounted so the slider in its most forward position will not touch the panels.

It is compatible for reefer and dry van trailers, and will not interfere with reefer fuel tanks, spare wheel carriers and under frame tool boxes.

The CURVE is made of a new panel from Crane Composites - is the world's leading provider of fiber-reinforced composite materials - that uses a woven thermo composite for added strength and durability, and weighs just 129 pounds.


Less downtime

"One of the many difficulties fleets and owner-operators face is finding time to implement the necessary upgrades," notes Acott. "Downtime for upgrades adds to the cost of buying the aerodynamic devices."

The CURVE can be installed by two technicians in less than an hour.

"LCL's new CURVE delivers the shortest installation time and the lowest 'installed cost' for the fastest ROI," he says. "It's going to be a real 'game changer'."

CARB rules mandate trailer aerodynamics on all 2011 model year 53-foot trailers with a phase-in period for older trailers.

Demand for trailer skirting is rising sharply and Acott predicts the trailer skirt retrofit business will be much larger than new trailer sale.

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