Carriers experiencing fuel economy results with new technology just released in the U.S.

Many U.S. carriers are now experiencing fuel economy results with the new FMZ Load Based Economy Control from Diesel Technical Innovations, say company officials.

This is a technology that has been utilized in Canada for more than four years with “proven success and thousands of units sold with zero downtime,” they say.

Proven third-party testing by Energotest demonstrates an improvement of 5% to 10% of fuel consumption based on the TMC/SAE J1321-Type II testing procedure, according to company officials. These results can mean thousands of dollars in fuel savings for fleets, with the FMZ commonly paying for itself in as little as four months.”

The FMZ works by managing the engine power based on the weight of the load the vehicle is carrying.

The FMZ allows the ECM to receive 100% of the accelerator pedal signal when the truck is at full load weight, explain Diesel Technical Innovations officials. As the trucks load weight is reduced, so is the pedal signal to the ECM.

“It's like the engine is resized for that particular portion of the truck’s day,” they say. “The FMZ ensures all the power needed without wasting fuel. The system will manage aggressive acceleration with no driver training or interaction.”

The FMZ Load Based Economy Control system connects to the accelerator pedal and truck’s suspension. It has a solid state design for long life.

The device meets or exceeds all required standards for electronic accelerator pedals and does not affect the manufacturer's warranty.

The FMZ pays back through fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs, tire wear and accidents related to aggressive driving, they add.

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