Virtual Technician real-time remote diagnostics joins the Detroit Brand family



Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has announced that Virtual Technician - the company’s “revolutionary” real-time diagnostic system - joins the Detroit brand family.

Virtual Technician is an onboard diagnostic system that provides real-time engine diagnostics, enabling drivers and fleet managers to quickly and accurately evaluate events.

Detroit Virtual Technician comes standard on every EPA 2010 Freightliner truck equipped with a Detroit engine. The system is optional on Western Star trucks with Detroit power.

The proprietary technology helps reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs by providing a technical snapshot of the engine’s status as soon as the Check Engine light comes on, says Tim Tindall, director of Detroit component sales.

The Detroit Customer Support Center then relays the information to the provided contact to determine the exact issue, the recommended service and how soon the engine needs to be serviced. Also supplied are the closest authorized Detroit service locations.

Trained technicians are then alerted in advance of the customer’s arrival, so they can quickly line up the parts, arrange for service and repair the problem.

Every morning, technical and service experts review the previous day’s data from Virtual Technician, Tindall explains. This allows them to learn how to do things better and more effectively communicate repair solutions to the DTNA network.

A Check Engine light can come on for more than 200 reasons,” he notes. “Virtual Technician is aimed at taking the mystery out of why the light comes on and communicating with a fleet what the real issue is.


One package

“Detroit Virtual Technician combines the best of our resources - trained technicians, parts availability, expert call center support and advanced technology - into one package that immediately benefits our customers,” says Brad Williamson, manager, engine and component marketing for DTNA.

“With Detroit Virtual Technician, we take the guesswork out of repairs to keep you on the road.”


Detroit Visibility

Detroit Virtual Technician also collects a lot of data that can also be used to help manage a fleet, says Tindall.

The onboard diagnostic system is now available with the optional Detroit Visibility.

It provides “extensive and precise data” on stops, idle time, speed, location, path, fuel consumption and more. He says. “These real-time records can help fleet managers and drivers assess and manage operations and inefficiencies, enabling them to ultimately enhance productivity.”

More than 11,000 vehicles have been registered with Virtual Technician since it was introduced to the marketplace in April 2011.

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