PureForge announces police department pilot program

PureForge, a corporation that develops innovative clean brake products using its revolutionary Atomic-Forging Technology, today announced its Police Department Pilot Program.

The Police Department Pilot Program is intended to test the PureForge brake system in the most demanding environment possible - police motorcycles.

The company currently has outfitted motorcycles in ten police departments with their advanced brake rotors, which promise virtually no wear, no brake dust emissions and improved brake performance. The results from the field show that these bold claims have been substantiated.

The PureForge Police Department Pilot Program outfits motorcycles in each participating department for 90 days of rigorous field-testing at no cost to the department. PureForge asks fleet managers to install the brakes on the motorcycles of the most abusive, aggressive police riders in the department.

During the testing program, PureForge is in direct contact with each officer regarding his evaluation of the brake system performance.

To date, all of the officers in the program have reported that PureForge brakes perform better, produce less brake dust, and show much less wear than the stock brakes, substantiating all of the company’s performance claims.

San Diego Sheriff Motor Sergeant Scott Hill, who is pilot testing PureForge brakes on his Honda motorcycle, had this to say about the PureForge performance: “I really like the way these PureForge brakes feel; very smooth and quick to stop. They perform exactly like PureForge said they would.”  

Sergeant Hill also appreciates the lack of environmentally hazardous brake dust with PureForge rotors.

“I like the fact they don’t shed brake dust; our officers are responsible for keeping their bikes washed and clean,” he said. “Not having to deal with the brake dust is going to make my guys very happy.”   

The following police departments are currently in pilot programs or have recently completed their pilot programs: Huntington Beach PD, San Diego Sheriff’s Office, Anaheim PD, Escondido Sheriff’s Office, San Diego PD, Beverley Hills PD, Bakersfield PD, Culver City PD, Sturgis PD South Dakota and Sioux Falls PD South Dakota.

PureForge has agreements in place to outfit several more police departments in the upcoming weeks.

PureForge is a Vista, California-based corporation that manufacturers brake rotors and pads through a “revolutionary” Atomic-Forging Technology.

Founded in early 2006, PureForge’s clean brake technologies have consistently increased brake performance and safety while decreasing brake wear and environmental pollutants.

For more information on PureForge, visit http://www.pureforge.com.