Compli helps managers pinpoint turnover trends with release of Turnover Analytics

Compli, the nation’s trusted provider of HR, safety and compliance management software, has announced the release of Turnover Analytics, bringing actionable workforce intelligence to management’s fingertips.

Compli’s Turnover Analytics provides reports and graphs to help managers readily identify trends in turnover rates, and the causes behind them, thereby enabling management to take proactive actions to mitigate areas of avoidable loss.

With employee turnover costs often running 25+ percent of an employee’s salary, and even higher for executive employees, it’s vital for managers to be able to track and analyze this data over time to retain their best talent. With Compli’s Turnover Analytics managers will have access to the following information:

- Turnover percentage for each termination reason, location, group and supervisor.

- Reporting for both full-time and temporary employees.

- Company's overall turnover percentage.

- Distribution of voluntary versus involuntary terminations.

“Turnover Analytics enables our customers to proactively address the massive cost and disruption related to employee turnover,” said Lon Leneve, President and CEO of Compli. “Effectively managing the entire employee lifecycle is critical, from hire to new-hire orientation to the entire employment experience, and understanding why companies lose employees they would like to keep is an important part of that process too.

“With these new analytic capabilities, managers will have real-time information to detect turnover trends, including what’s happening by location and supervisor, which will have a dramatic impact on a company’s ability to go after the root cause of the problem, he continued. “In some cases it may be improving a supervisor or manager’s management skills that’s needed, or it could be a cultural or environmental issue at a given location that needs to be addressed. Compli’s Turnover Analytics will help identify that.

“It’s an important component in the battle to improve employee retention.”

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