Dana receives Technology Innovation Award

Dana Holding Corporation has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award for Technological Innovation for its work on the Spicer Diamond Series Driveshaft.

“Dana Holding Corporation has distinguished itself as the technology innovation leader in the Driveline Manufacturing industry,” said industry analyst Kumar Saha at Frost & Sullivan.

“The Spicer Diamond Series Driveshaft utilizes innovative product design with a proprietary manufacturing process that combines steel end fittings with a single-piece, high-strength aluminum tube, creating a lightweight, robust driveshaft for the commercial vehicle market.”

The award recognizes the superior planning and execution of technological innovations in the vehicular marketplace, and commends companies with the diligence, perseverance, and dedication to excel in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

The criteria used to select recipients of the “Best Practice Award for Technological Innovation” consists of an evaluation of the technology’s uniqueness, its impact on customer value, and relevance to the industry.

“Dana engineers provide innovations based on customer need and marketplace evolution, creating products and processes that deliver value, ingenuity, quality, and performance,” said Roger Wood, chief executive officer for Dana.

“The Spicer Diamond Series driveshaft is a prime example of this, offering our customers the compelling combination of a robust and reduced-weight driveline solution that is also environmentally friendly.”

Dana’s Spicer Diamond Series driveshaft includes the following advantages:

- Up to 100 pounds less weight than traditional 2-piece steel driveshafts

- Optimum reliability and robustness

- Improved noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) characteristics

- Corrosion resistance

- Eco-friendly manufacturing process 

Dana is a world leader in the supply of driveline products (axles, driveshafts, and transmissions), power technologies (sealing and thermal-management products), and genuine service parts for light- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.