Dana Holding Corporation delivers

At this year’s recent ATA Exhibition and Conference, spokespeople for Dana Holding Corporation discussed how the company is creating value for its customers through the introduction of new technology and innovation-based driveline solutions.

“Understanding how best to minimize our customers’ cost per ton mile driven is critical to maximizing value,” said Santiago Salazar, Dana’s senior director of global product planning. “Fortunately Dana offers a multitude of product technologies that assist in maximizing this value equation for our customers.”

Dana’s Spicer axle, driveshaft, and tire management technologies help customers to reduce cost, increase freight hauling capabilities, and improve mileage and overall vehicle efficiency.

The Dana technologies designed specifically to minimize the cost per ton mile driven, and in turn maximize a customers’ value equation are as follows:

- Spicer Diamond Series Driveshaft – This industry-first, one-piece aluminum driveshaft utilizes Dana’s patented manufacturing process to significantly reduce weight while maintaining the strength of an all steel system. The result is a very robust and significantly lighter driveshaft for improved fuel efficiency. The Diamond Series also features inherent corrosion resistance for improved resale value.

- Spicer Life Series (SPL) Service Free U-joints – Spicer Service Free U-joints are permanently lubricated for reduced maintenance costs and optimized for high efficiency trucks.

- Spicer Pro-40 Tandem Drive Axle – This 40,000 pound tandem axle offers industry-proven Spicer strength, with up to 100 pounds less weight. his product features an improved interaxle driveline angle and optimized gearing for reduced parasitic loss and maximum system efficiency.

Dana Holding Corporation is a world leader in the supply of driveline products (axles, driveshafts, and transmissions), power technologies (sealing and thermal-management products), and genuine service parts for light- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.