Maryland continues to promote heavy hybrid, electric commercial vehicles

Announces new programs

“With these new buses, the size of MTA’s hybrid fleet will increase to 250 buses, which will represent 35 percent of the active fleet,” he pointed out.

“In addition, over the last year, the MTA has increased the number of its diesel electric hybrid buses to 42.

“We’ve found the advantages of a hybrid fleet to be significant,” the governor went on.

“With the current diesel fleet, major road calls occur once about every 5,700 miles. With the hybrid fleet, they occur once about every 18,500.

“Hybrid fuel mileage is 20 percent higher, brake life is 25 percent longer and the buses are found to be 50 percent quieter than diesels. For these reasons, our Maryland Transit Administration expects to operate a fully hybrid fleet by 2018.”



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