GlasWeld technicians win at Windshield Repair Olympics

GlasWeld, a complete solutions provider for the glass repair industry, announces that two GlasWeld technicians were awarded Gold and Silver at the 2011 Walt Gorman Memorial Windshield Repair Olympics held during Auto Glass Week in Memphis, Tenn. September 15-17. 

José Manuel Llano of LuniaGlas in Gijon, Spain won the Gold medal in the sixth annual Walt Gorman Windshield Repair Olympics competition. Llano is the first contestant from outside of the United States to win the annual glass repair industry competition. Llano used GlasWeld’s ecoVac windshield repair injector and ProCur UV curing light to edge out the competition taking home the trophy, a $3,000 grand prize, and the title of World’s Best Windshield Repair Technician for 2011. Llano is a windshield repair technician for LuniaGlas in Spain and has thirteen years’ experience in the industry. Earlier this year, he was recognized as the third place winner in GlasWeld’s windshield repair competition in Madrid, Spain.

Antonio Galvez of Walqaluna S.L. in Monzon, Huesca, Spain took home the Silver medal at the competition. He used GlasWeld’s ProVac 2000 windshield repair injector in the competition. Galvez is the manager of Walqaluna in Spain and has twelve years of experience in the glass repair industry.

The 2010 Gold medalist Randy Olson of Chip Medic in Bend, Oregon also competed at the event. Olson, a retired fire captain, has been in the glass repair industry for six years and used GlasWeld’s G3 ProVac windshield repair injector to win the 2010 Olympic competition.

GlasWeld’s General Manager Dennis Garbutt stated, “We are extremely proud of all the competitors because of their dedication to quality repairs and especially our Spanish technicians. This is the first time that there have been so many entrants from outside of the United States, and to come in first and second is an achievement of which José and Antonio can be especially proud. This event was an international showcase for the profession of windshield repair.”

The sixth annual Walt Gorman Windshield Repair Olympics competition was designed to find the auto glass repair technician who completed the best windshield repair. Judging covered six major areas, including customer interaction and technician comportment, as well as safe and proper repair practices following the ANSI/ROLAGS standard for windshield repair.