Shops need to improve business processes

So says WheelTime’s chief

Linking suppliers and fleet systems together like this drives out costs for everyone, he pointed out. “In the end, it’s still about people trusting people to be reliable, but adding a trust in systems adds an additional layer of efficiency and speed unachievable in any other way.”

Service consistency

“To move faster, we have to know, not think, that partners will perform in pre-agreed ways; that the service experience will be predictable, positive and consistent, Delaney said. “When we pass a McDonalds on the highway, we already know what’s on the menu. Why should we have to wonder what’s on the menu from one truck service provider to the next?

“This is where the industry is going now - has to go - for us to keep up with the increasing demands of trucking today, and an economy that won’t give us a break,” Delaney said in concluding his remarks.

“When we openly share information with a mutual goal of optimizing the efficiency of all parties, we open the door for quantum leaps in productivity for everyone. Super service as a whole that compliments the capabilities of the service technicians make it all possible.”

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