AAIA announces supply chain benchmarking seminar

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) has scheduled a training and orientation seminar for members interested in benchmarking their supply chain performance on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 11 a.m. EST. In cooperation with the Supply Chain Council, AAIA is leading an effort to discover the best practices for improving supply chain performance throughout the motor vehicle aftermarket.

The seminar will include essential information for those companies that want to participate in the benchmarking exercise and be among the first to receive the supply chain best practices white paper. To register, visit www.supply-chain.org/aaia.

“Measuring your financial and operational performance against an industry pool is the first step to discovering your strengths and weaknesses,” said Scott Luckett, AAIA vice president, technology standards. “This industry benchmarking exercise, conducted in cooperation with the Supply Chain Council, will enable AAIA member companies to derive unique insights into their supply chain performance relative to industry benchmarks.”

With sufficient participation from automotive retailers, wholesale distributors and suppliers, an exclusive white paper analysis of the industry will be authored by APQC, a leading benchmarking and process improvement organization. Participants will discover best practices that can add 1 to 3 percent to their bottom line through supply chain performance improvements.

The seminar will address who should participate, what kind of effort is involved and how a company would benefit. An informative eight-minute presentation is currently available online to answer the most frequently asked questions about the benchmarking program. To view the presentation, click here. There is no cost to participate in this exercise for AAIA members, and those who participate will be among the first to receive the aftermarket supply chain white paper. For more information, e-mail supplychain@aftermarket.org.