AAPEX training programs offered for all aftermarket segments

The learning forums will feature 30 education sessions with specific classes recommended for general aftermarket audiences, warehouse distributors, manufacturers, retailers, auto repair shops and parts stores.

Mode $06 data is some of the most misunderstood and underused scan tool data available on today’s vehicles. This session will help you understand and interpret Mode $06 data in order to use it to its full advantage. Mode $06 diagnostic skills will also give the technician the opportunity to identify marginallyperforming components and advise the vehicle owner of future potential problems. Combined with drive cycle diagnostics, Mode $06 diagnostic skills can be looked at as a kind of “insurance policy” against unnecessary comebacks.


Catalytic Converter OBD II Diagnosis

Gary Stamberger, Magnaflow Exhaust Products

For the first 20 years of its existence, the catalytic converter was treated as nothing more than a restriction in the exhaust. For shops located in states with an emission testing program, it generated income with little or no downside. Then came OBD II and the game changed. It has changed yet again with the advent of advances in technology and tighter emission regulation. This session will discuss today’s issues and concerns, as well as how new technologies in fuel delivery will impact catalytic converters.


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