WheelTime to launch network billing program

WheelTime Network, a professional truck care and service network operating nearly 200 locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia, has launched its North American WheelTime Consolidated Billing Program.

The Program will offer fleet customers who utilize multiple Network locations, uniform, centralized invoicing.

This new offering is designed to enhance overall service quality, as well as, provide an ease of doing business with WheelTime member locations.

Customers enrolled in the program will be issued charge cards or account numbers to purchase goods and services at WheelTime service locations. WheelTime’s new Consolidated Billing Program will then ensure customers receive one consolidated statement for all work and purchases made across all WheelTime locations within a billing cycle.

Customers will also be able to view account summary information online and will receive transaction data in the formats they desire, from EDI to paper copy.  

WheelTime’s Consolidated Billing Program will ultimately work in concert with WheelTime’s Customer Service Platform, launched in 2010, further reducing discrepancies between last approved estimate and final invoice.  

“As an industry, we all tend to feel we’re good at fixing things,” said Mike Delaney, president and CEO of WheelTime at last year’s TMCSuperTech 2010 Awards, “but that isn’t going to be enough in the future. Innovation in business processes is the next frontier in truck maintenance.

“Over the last year, we have seen that service excellence has two very distinct and integrated components – service repair quality and service interface quality. The way we manage the business of maintenance will allow us to better meet the needs of trucking customers today for speed and accuracy,” he added.

“To keep pace with technology, as well as customer needs, the industry needs transparency. Getting to that point demands an overhaul in our systems to build in consistency,” he continued. “The launch of our new Consolidated Billing Program in conjunction with our Customer Service Platform will allow WheelTime members to build predictable consistency into the way we estimate and bill our work, as well as the way we justify and document our repairs.

“Disputes slow everyone down and cost us all money. The answer lies in clear and accurate communications throughout the process.”

The WheelTime Consolidated Billing Program and the WheelTime Customer Service Platform are two of several strategic initiatives designed to significantly enhance the value of the WheelTime Network to customers.

Over the next year, the Network plans to expand WheelTime services and capabilities; continue to drive quality across the system; and employ innovation across all systems and customer services.

“The industry wants and needs support that is oriented toward the way trucking companies do business,” Delaney said. “When you match WheelTime members’ background in handling the most complex repairs with their unified desire to create a service network that is second to none, you get innovation and the commitment to set new standards for the industry.”

WheelTime was established in 2004 as a strategic alliance among North America’s Detroit Diesel-Allison distributors. The goal was to adopt and implement a common set of quality metrics that would help them monitor and continually enhance specific service performance criteria as defined by customers.

Over $9 million in systems and staffing resources were invested voluntarily by the member Network to create and manage systems and metrics that enhance repair quality, service consistency and customer satisfaction. The Network-wide quality effort was named “WheelTime”.

The concept was later expanded to include quality measurements around total truck service – beyond engines which all members engage in - and to establish WheelTime as an avenue through which customers can access the entire North American Network with a single agreement.