WheelTime signs Roehl

WheelTime Network, a professional truck care and service network operating nearly 200 locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia, has announced it has signed a network key account agreement with Roehl Transport Inc., a truckload transportation and logistics services carrier headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

The new key account agreement is specifically tailored to meet Roehl’s needs for consistent, high quality, total truck care across its nearly 2,000 unit fleet.

The agreement provides Roehl pre-approved repair and maintenance operations and a tiered labor structure across participating WheelTime Network locations.

WheelTime’s proprietary Customer Service Platform will support local delivery of pre-established service terms, while also providing Roehl with consistency in repair order estimating, repair scope, status updates and service documentation.

Additionally, Roehl will benefit from 24/7 access to service performance metrics reporting on all repairs performed across the Network.

All repairs conducted by WheelTime member locations are also backed by the Network’s Quality Truck Care Guarantee from coast-to-coast.

WheelTime was established in 2004 as a strategic alliance among North America’s Detroit Diesel-Allison distributors. The goal was to adopt and implement a common set of quality metrics that would help them monitor and continually enhance specific service performance criteria as defined by customers.

More than $9 million in systems and staffing resources were invested voluntarily by the member Network to create and manage systems and metrics that enhance repair quality, service consistency and customer satisfaction. The Network-wide quality effort was named “WheelTime”.

The concept was later expanded to include quality measurements around total truck service – beyond engines which all members engage in - and to establish WheelTime as an avenue through which customers can access the entire North American Network with a single agreement.