Love’s Travel Stops to begin cardless fueling

Love’s Travel Stops has announced plans to install RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology at all of its locations nationwide.

When combined with a RFID tag in the cab of the truck, this technology will enable fuel transactions without a physical payment card by wirelessly recognizing the truck as it enters the fuel lane.

Trucking companies will have greater control over fuel theft and less time will be spent entering information at the fuel pump, say company officials.

Love’s will begin installation at its locations nationwide in the fourth quarter of this year.

Officials say another trucking industry benefit is this technology, called Fuel Island Manager, is open to any payment system that chooses to utilize it.

Fuel Island Manager is a product developed by QuikQ, a software development company based in Franklin, Tenn.

“We are excited about offering our customers a more efficient way to fuel,” said Frank Love, president of Love’s Operating Companies. “With the installation of RFID capability, we will give professional drivers the convenience of fueling without having to use a payment card, and we’ll provide trucking companies with a more secure way to manage their drivers’ fuel purchases and reduce potential theft opportunities.”

Love’s Travel Stops, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla., has more than 270 locations and 100 tire care centers in 39 states.