Cummins Care with 24/7 customer support now available

As part of its continued investment in state- of-the-art customer support, Cummins has announced the launch of Cummins Care, an enhanced customer assistance program providing 24/7 response for the fire and emergency vehicle market.

The program, launched in early 2011, is the latest addition to the operation located at the new Cummins Customer Support Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Cummins employs 110 specialists at the 25,000-square-foot facility who are trained in providing the highest level of professional service to Cummins customers. Cummins Care representatives are prepared to answer questions and assist customers with finding the nearest available and qualified service location for fire and emergency vehicle customers.

This service ensures that the location can quickly meet the customer's specific service requirements.

Cummins Care complements the relationship between customers and Cummins distributors throughout the United States and Canada, as well as vehicle and equipment dealers.

"Quick response and minimal downtime are especially important for fire and emergency vehicle customers in all facets of their business. The dependable service support that Cummins Care provides is an ideal fit for these customers and gives additional assurance that Cummins is by their side during service events," said Dave Drehobl, Marketing Manager - Specialty Vehicle Business.

Customers who use Cummins Care can tap into the largest U.S. and Canadian service network in the industry, with over 3,500 locations.

"No matter where our fire and emergency vehicle customers are located, we can help manage the logistics of scheduling and identifying the most suitable repair location. In turn, customers are able to focus on managing their own response to emergency calls. This advanced support from Cummins minimizes the repair time and increases customer satisfaction," continued Drehobl.

As part of the total value that Cummins offers customers, coupled with its strong commitment to customer support, Cummins Care provides a trusted information source for questions regarding the latest engine and product technology, including EPA 2010. The Nashville-based team is also prepared to answer all operational questions on topics such as fuel and oil specifications and maintenance intervals.

Cummins Care utilizes the same 1-800-DIESELS number that customers know today. The enhanced support hours are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.