Sakor Technologies addresses emerging energy efficiency standards

Sakor Technologies, a recognized leader in the area of test automation and systems integration, offers testing systems designed to meet the emerging testing requirements for electric motor efficiency.

Though inherently clean, electric motors of all types represent a large and growing fraction of electrical energy use worldwide. Since this electrical energy is typically generated by burning oil, coal or other fossil fuels, improving the efficiency of electric motors can be directly related to reducing the generation of greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants, as well as the waste of precious resources.

Sakor has responded to these issues with specific packages based on its DynoLAB EM electric motor test system. Designed to meet EPAct, NEMA, ISO, IEEE (112 and 115) and other international standards, the test systems themselves are extremely power efficient.

Utilizing Sakor’s AccuDyne line of AC motoring dynamometers and a unique regenerative method of electrical loading, these systems are highly efficient at re-circulating absorbed power within the test system, resulting in a system that can test even the largest electric motors while drawing only minimal power from the electrical grid, and generating almost no waste heat.

These systems are equally efficient at testing alternators and generators, requiring only minimal electrical power and completely eliminating the need for diesel power plants and the inherent pollution and logistical problems they create in the test cell environment.

SAKOR offers a complete line of dynamometer based systems to meet most all testing needs. Its DynoLAB EM systems are optimized for all types of electrical motor and rotating component testing. The DynoLAB PT system was specifically designed to meet the needs of engine and power-train test cells. Its AccuDyne AC motoring dynamometers offer full four-quadrant operation in sizes ranging from 5 kW to over 1000 kW, and the new MicroDyne line of very small AC dynamometers is optimized for testing devices as small as 10 watts full scale.