J H Williams product Web site goes live

With more than 200 high-quality J.H. Williams hydraulic tools available for immediate delivery anywhere in the U.S., the launch of ProHydraulicTools.com marks the largest 24/7 option for industrial users seeking everything from cylinders and pumps to auto return valves and bottle jacks.

The fact that the site is user friendly and easy to navigate is both a differentiator and a bonus.

J.H. Williams is a brand of Snap-on, a global manufacturer and distributor of quality hand and power tools.

Williams products, which include hand tools, have a long-standing reputation for quality in the industrial marketplace. Evidence of an ongoing commitment to product innovation and manufacturing excellence includes components that are ultrasonically cleaned before assembly, precision robotic welds, pressure-relief valves for overload protection and steel-stop rings for ram-over travel protection.

All Willams hydraulic products are interchangeable with products from other leading manufacturers to ensure maximum flexibility.

The new Web site offers visitors an easy-to-use web structure that quickly compares specifications and product details. Searches can be done by component measurement, strength factor and model number of products offered by competitors.

The secret behind the success of ProHydraulicTools.com is simple: show all the products from a given search on one page. That means a search for single-acting cylinders puts every size and capacity option in one place using product icons. Visitors can click on individual icons to gather more specific information about each offering.

"Our objective in launching ProHydraulicTools.com was to create a portal that allows industrial users to get not only product information, but application details and other useful information that can't be found in any other single location on the web," said Derek Griffin, president of ProHydraulicTools.com. "We're working hard to meet that objective. We want industrial users to access our site again and again to get the detailed information they need."