Diamond Standard Parts vehicle energy absorbers obtain NSF certification

Diamond Standard Parts high-density foam vehicle energy absorbers are the first to be certified by NSF International’s new Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program.

Automotive safety reports continue to underscore the importance of manufacturing replacement structural parts to standards that replicate the safety and damage criteria design of the original vehicle part. This NSF Certification Program helps ensure that an auto aftermarket part meets rigid quality, safety and performance standards in terms of form, fit and function.

NSF International’s Automotive Aftermarket Parts Certification Program tests and certifies absorbers in addition to steel bumpers, step bumpers, reinforcement bars and brackets. Twenty-three of Diamond Standard’s absorbers have been approved to date, and more are expected to follow.

In July, Diamond Standard Parts’ front steel bumpers received NSF Certification. NSF Certification of absorbers expands the scope of Diamond Standard Parts’ certification to include both bumpers and absorbers. This means body shops and insurance companies will be able to find quality aftermarket parts.

To obtain NSF certification, Diamond Standard Parts high-density foam absorbers were independently reviewed, tested and compared by NSF to original equipment (OE) service parts. The certification process also included:

  • An on-site inspection of the manufacturing and quality system to verify that a company’s manufacturing facilities can effectively monitor and handle customer inquiries.
  • Verification that a company has a traceability program that meets or exceeds stringent requirements.
  • Rigorous part testing to ensure the highest level of performance.

To maintain NSF certification, Diamond Standard must undergo quarterly facility inspections and random in-market part testing, which will validate the part’s quality and integrity.

For meeting NSF International's rigorous certification requirements, Diamond Standard Parts’ high density vehicle energy absorbers will be authorized to display the NSF Mark. The company’s certified parts also are listed on NSF’s certification listings webpage.