SmartTruck introduces, begins production

On next-generation trailer aerodynamics


A number of fleets are initial customers for SmartTruck products, including Con-way Truckload, Frito-Lay and PepsiCo. Other fleets will be evaluating the SmartTruck system, including Swift Transportation, Lily Transportation and Fremont Contract Carriers.

SmartTruck’s UT-6 system will enable Con-way Truckload to more than double the fuel mileage improvement offered by typical trailer aerodynamic technologies and provide a true return on the investment, according to Bruce Stockton, vice president of maintenance and asset management, Greenberg said.

“SmartTruck’s technology is like none other available in the industry today,” he said. “Previous attempts to gain a return on our investment of typical trailer aerodynamic technologies haven’t existed until now.

“With years of aerospace experience at their back, we believe SmartTruck has found a way to utilize the airflow and minimize turbulence around a tractor-trailer, while improving safety as well as fuel efficiency.”

“PepsiCo and Frito-Lay are committed to improving the performance of its entire fleet, particularly in the miles per gallon,” said Mark Whittaker, vice president, transportation, PepsiCo. “We are working on improving Class 8 vehicle mpg and SmartTruck's UT-6 is an important step forward in this mission.”

“Midlands Carrier Transicold is excited to work with SmartTruck on making this new trailer concept available to fleets and owner-operators,” said Bill Willett, president, Midlands Carrier Transicold, an Omaha, NE dealer working with SmartTruck. “The initial reaction to the UnderTray system has been excellent. In fact, our first fleet customer took all of our evaluation units.”

The SmartTruck UnderTray System is made of durable polyethylene plastic – a 100 percent recyclable material used in many truck and marine applications. The material is proven to stand up to the abuse of the road, chemicals and weather, meaning the SmartTruck system is designed to last as long as your trailer.

“Installation of the system on existing trailers is straight-forward,” said Wulff. “The system is bolted to the trailer using weather-resistant, galvanized hardware and fasteners. No special tools or equipment is needed - the trailer can be ready to roll in as little as three hours.”

Trial offer

Under its 10-4 Guarantee offer, SmartTruck will provide up to 10 Trailer UnderTray Systems to a fleet. If within four months, the fleet is not satisfied with the overall performance of the system, the units may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.

“We’re very confident in the performance of our product,” said Greenberg.

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