J. J. Keller introduces online, interactive training programs

Experienced truck drivers need periodic refresher training to combat complacency and keep their skills sharp.

That’s the premise behind J. J. Keller’s “Master Driver” training series.

A long-time bestseller on DVD, the series is now available in a format that makes it convenient for drivers to receive safety training any time, from any location with a computer and Internet connection.

J. J. Keller’s new “Master Driver” online training series is 12 interactive courses designed for experienced drivers, and are also excellent for new or less experienced drivers who aspire to become "master drivers."

The interactive courses involve students to ensure learning occurs. J. J. Keller’s content and technology specialists made them easy-to-use and memorable, and as close to real-world experiences as possible.

Reflecting best practices and regulatory requirements, the titles include: Accident Procedures; Air Brakes; City Driving; Coupling & Uncoupling; Driving Techniques; Emergency Maneuvers; Extreme Weather Driving; Fixed Object Collisions; Night Driving; Pattern Driving; Rear End Collisions; and Rural Driving.

Drivers access the courses through a Learning Management System (LMS), which enables trainers to easily schedule and manage their students’ training, plus get accurate records automatically.

Each course has a fresh look and feel and is designed to hold drivers’ attention. Features include a full-screen image display capability, dramatic footage, dynamic graphics, 3-D animation, hazard perception challenge scenarios and "Road Wise" commentary from seasoned transport professionals.

With J. J. Keller’s Master Driver online courses, students will always train on the most current best practices and regulatory requirements. Any updates, such as when a regulatory change occurs, will become available quickly.

That will be especially important when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rolls out CSA 2010 on November 30. The program will mean greater scrutiny of safety performance and regulatory compliance, plus increased enforcement interventions.

For additional information, call J. J. Keller at 1-800-327-6868, visit jjkeller.com or e-mail sales@jjkeller.com.