Eclipse unveils resource library

Eclipse, a leading provider of fuel system management technologies that help companies better manage and take control of their underground and above-ground fuel storage tanks, announced its Web site resource library. The library is stocked with compliance advice, regulatory information and more.

Companies concerned with fuel tank compliance and those wanting to move beyond compliance to fuel tank efficiency and best practices can now find materials to guide and support their efforts.

The Eclipse resource library contains information and documents that advise companies on the intricacies of tank management, and lend tips on how to prevent a potential disaster.

"Companies often come to us looking for guidance on state regulations and compliance restrictions. Our resource library allows us to share our industry knowledge in a more open and interactive way that will allow the industry to move beyond doing what they must do to what they should do," said Joel Hershey, Director, Eclipse. "We hope this resource will shift the industry's focus from tank compliance to tank performance - saving companies money and improving safety."

To view the resource library, please click here..