Cruise Car launches solar electric vehicle line

Cruise Car, Inc. introduced the new line of solar electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) engineered and manufactured in the United States. Vehicles in the new line utilize up to 50 percent recycled or certified re-manufactured parts and materials, all covered by a new vehicle warranty.

The All-American line is constructed of welded aluminum space frames using custom aluminum-alloy extrusions and meets the requirements of Executive Order 13514.

Executive Order 13514 mandates government agencies meet a number of energy, water and waste reduction targets, including a 30 percent reduction in vehicle fleet petroleum use by 2020 and a 50 percent recycling and waste diversion by 2015.

The All American Line is GSA Schedule approved. Cruise Car has received orders from all branches of government as they work to attain these sustainability goals.

Cruise Car and Eco Trans Alliance are showing the All American LSV and Sunray Solar Tops in Booth 2130 at Solar Power International 2010 in Los Angeles October 12-14.