TCH, Zonar Systems develop Z-Con

TCH and Zonar have joined forces to offer Z-Con technology to fueling locations and trucking companies across the U.S. and Canada.

This new technology, unveiled at the 2010 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Phoenix, authorizes fuel pump transactions with security checks and multiple validations previously unavailable in the market.

TCH offers payment cards that support various transportation and financial needs. TCH’s portfolio includes: TCH Fleet Fuel Card, TCH Express, FP Solutions, SFJ Express, TCH Fleet MasterCard, TCH SmartPay, and TCH Checks and MoneyCodes.

Zonar Systems provides electronic fleet inspection, tracking and operations solutions to a full range of public and private fleets. Zonar’s Inspect, Track, Know approach enables fleets to realize gains in operational efficiencies, cost savings and environmental impact.

Z-Con will be installed at participating locations. Companies will have each of their trucks outfitted with a Zonar telematics device.

A series of sensors, radios and computers have been designed to consistently and accurately identify a truck when it enters and exits a diesel fuel lane.

This new technology will help customers eliminate diesel fuel theft at the pump, improve information accuracy, and increase reporting back to the carrier, while eliminating the potential for human error and making the fueling process as a whole more efficient for both the driver and the truck stop, officials with the two companies said.

As a vehicle approaches a Z-Con equipped fueling island, an ultrasonic sensor detects the presence of the truck activating the radio in the fuel canopy and an infrared transmitter. Once the infrared transmitter and the receiver in the truck are aligned, an LED on the windshield of the truck indicates to the driver authorization is in progress.

After the VIN has been validated, the LED indicates that the driver is authorized to begin fueling. This entire, secure process takes seconds to complete.

Z-Con eliminates the need for drivers to swipe a fuel card or enter data to initialize a transaction - removing the possibility of inaccurate information and guaranteeing proper authorization and secure fueling, said officials. Z-Con also terminates fueling when the vehicle leaves the pump area, ensuring that only the correct truck is fueled.

The companies plan to launch the new technology by June 1, beginning with Pilot and Flying J locations.