Fontaine Modification trainees

The inaugural class of Fontaine Modification Company’s Management Trainee Program is starting to make a real impact on the company as its members move into management positions.

Fontaine Modification is a leading provider of truck modification services for OEMs, dealers and fleets throughout North America.

To prepare for future growth and expansion, the company launched a management training program in 2009. Through the program, Fontaine hires recently graduated mechanical and electrical engineers who then undertake a series of short-term assignments.

Everyone in the program starts as an hourly technician modifying trucks on the production floor. After 90 to 120 days on the production floor, the trainees rotate through various assignments in areas including quality control, process engineering, sales and operations in order to develop a well-rounded perspective.

Fontaine Modification President Will Trantham compares the philosophy behind the training program to Major League Baseball’s farm system.

“We are training our future business leaders,” he explained. “Just as the farm system allows baseball teams to build stronger, longer-lasting teams than they would if they hired all free agents, we’re building our bench strength by hiring talented people early in their careers and nurturing them through training and opportunities to do great things as part of the Fontaine Modification team.”

Four people with mechanical engineering degrees are currently in the program:

Fontaine is recruiting for its next class of management trainees. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering, CAD experience, relocation capabilities, a hands-on mechanical aptitude, an outgoing and empathetic personality and an entrepreneurial spirit.