Capturx Software automates paperwork

Adapx, a company that creates natural interfaces into Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, PDF and SharePoint through digital pens and voice, has developed its Capturx line of products for improving field data collection.

Capturx enables paper designs - such as driver vehicle inspection reports, driver logs, damaged good reports, deliveries, etc., maps and forms to be filled out or marked up with a digital pen which digitizes the handwriting and integrates the data directly into Microsoft Office and other GIS and CAD systems.

Capturx works with standard digital pen technology and standard software applications to create unique and patented experiences which speed up data collection without requiring expensive equipment, training, IT involvement or changes to existing business processes.

Users get the ease and simplicity of collecting data on paper with the benefits of immediate access to digital data in native applications. Moreover, field personnel make workflows more efficient without the cost, delays and risks from scanning, transcribing or losing paper documents.

Capturx software enables Excel files, maps and CAD drawings to be printed with a special digital watermark using office printers on ordinary paper. The digital watermark is readable by digital pens and is unique to each application and file.

Printed forms are filled out in ink using a digital pen that looks and feels like a regular ballpoint pen but contains an integrated digital sensor, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connection. As the pen writes, the handwriting is digitized and stored on the pen.

When the pen is docked to a PC, Capturx integrates the data directly into the original Microsoft Office or other sources. Forms are opened and printed in Excel.

Capturx passes structured data from digital pens to applications in their native file formats, preserving any unique features or attributes of the data for each application.

There are no interim file formats to translate or redundant software for customers to install, learn and support.