Innovative Software Engineering launches new company

Innovative Software Engineering (ISE), a leading full-service software development and systems integration firm providing business strategy, program management, systems engineering, software development and quality assurance services, has launched of a new company - ISE Fleet Services - and its eFleetSuite solution.

eFleetSuite is a set of end-to-end applications designed to reduce risk, prevent accidents, boost productivity and manage FMCSA compliance.

The new solution leverages an on-board computer, the mDash 4, built by QSI Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rugged operator interface and mobile data terminals (Treq) for industrial OEMs and commercial vehicle systems integrators.

ISE Fleet Services’ eFleetSuite is a customizable, modular and scalable end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy and easy to use for automation of safety and compliance.

The system includes the mDash 4, a low-cost rugged in-cab EOBR that contains the mobile component of eFleetSuite. This component acts like a “safety manager” that is present with drivers in real time to help them stay within safety and compliance parameters (HOS, current documentation, potential speeding violations, etc.).

Roadside inspections are aided by providing information for a clean inspection that leads to a good driving record and an improved fleet CSA 2010 score.

The mDash 4 communicates wirelessly using a robust communications system over a nationwide cellular network.

Safety compliance officers, fleet managers, dispatchers and maintenance personnel will use eFleetSuite’s web application for real-time and paperless compliance and resource management.

eFleetSuite will be available for fleets starting in December.

Business alliance

About the strategic alliance with QSI, ISE CEO Hass Machlab said: “QSI produces a very high quality product that has been deployed on thousands of vehicles for years. The mDash 4 leverages both companies expertise to provide our customers with the ideal combination of a self-contained display that is J1455 compliant, 395.16 ready and contains a GPRS modem, GPS, J1708 and J1939 all in one affordable and easy to install package.

“Working with the QSI management team has been a great experience. They have a clear understanding of what it takes to build a robust in-cab display.”

“When approached by ISE about their end-to-end product solution, we quickly recognized the value and competence that ISE and ISE Fleet Services bring to a project like this one,” said QSI’s Bill Woahn, vice president sales and marketing. “We believe the combination of ISE’s robust applications and our rugged terminals delivers outstanding value to fleets seeking an on-board product that is both a reliable EOBR and the very best application set in the marketplace.”