Bergstrom offers updated capabilities on no-idle systems

Bergstrom, a global leader in the design and supply of climate systems to the commercial vehicle industry, announced the availability of shore power and hotel load capabilities for its Nite no-idle systems using Tundra inverter and shore power kits.

The shore power feature allows drivers to connect their parked truck to grid electricity when available. It includes an extension cord and a switching box that automatically detects 110V AC power, providing the vehicle with both AC and 12V DC power.

As an add-on to Bergstrom’s battery-powered, Nite no-idle systems, the shore power kit and inverters will make it even easier for drivers to comply with anti-idling regulations without sacrificing comfort.

“Power inverter kits are more popular than ever among drivers, due to economical, health and comfort reasons,” said Bill Gordon, national director of aftermarket sales and global marketing for Bergstrom. “The Tundra kits will allow fleets to run power-consuming convenience items, without turning on their engines.”

As a battery-powered, no-idling system, the CARB-approved Nite systems incorporate an independent battery power source to provide electric service for climate control. This helps drivers reduce emissions and comply with anti-idling laws. It also helps save money on fuel.

Bergstrom is offering optional pre-assembled inverter installation kits that allow for a quick, easy and safe installation and require no special tools. Each installation kit contains battery cables, PVC strain reliefs, protective plastic loom, cable clamps, tie wraps, a DC fuse and holder and assorted screws.