San Diego fleet utilizes real-time feedback technology

GreenRoad, a leader in driver-centric safety and fuel efficiency, today announced that First Transit, which operates San Diego’s North County Transit District (NCTD), has employed the GreenRoad 360 service – including the leading real-time feedback technology that improves driving decisions and performance – in its fleet of “BREEZE” buses.

While traditional driving safety tools such as regulation and life-saving features like air bags stem the impact of unsafe driving, they do not address the most critical factor – the driver. GreenRoad is the only company that effectively targets driving decisions – leading to permanent improvement in safety and passenger comfort.

“At First Transit, safety is our company’s core value. GreenRoad’s technology ensures our drivers are the safest and most fuel-efficient – giving passengers greater comfort and peace of mind,” said Nick Promponas, senior vice president of the west region, First Transit. In addition to BREEZE buses, First Transit plans to install GreenRoad in its paratransit buses in the near future.

GreenRoad Results

GreenRoad’s innovative approach to improving driving decisions is changing the way the industry views both safety and efficiency. Its proprietary technology-based service, GreenRoad 360, provides drivers and fleet managers with real-time, comprehensive feedback, online reporting, analysis and coaching on their abilities, maneuvers and patterns. As a result, GreenRoad 360 positively impacts both conscious and unconscious driving behaviors –the key to creating more fuel-efficient and safer drivers.

A typical GreenRoad customer sees up to a 10 percent reduction in fuel-consumption and emissions as well as a 50 percent reduction on crash costs.

“First Transit truly understands the value of putting safety first and we could not ask for a better partner. The public deserves the highest level of safety and fuel-efficiency in all its transit operators --- and that is exactly what they will get with our technology and First Transit’s innovative leadership,” said Dan Steere, CEO of GreenRoad.

In addition to real-time feedback, drivers and transportation managers at First Transit are given access to web-based performance reports and analysis as part of GreenRoad’s solution. It chose the system for its ability to empower its drivers and fleets to reduce accidents, improve fuel economy and reduce overall vehicle operating costs.