iZUP distracted driving solution

Illume Software, a pioneer in mobile safety solutions, has announced that The Jankovich Company, a large petroleum distribution company, has selected Illume’s GPS-enabled distracted driving solution, iZUP.

With the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimating the cost of corporate crashes for employers at $24,500 per crash, $150,000 per injury and $3.6 million per fatality, companies across the nation are taking a closer look at solutions for corporate distracted driving. Beyond potential costs, in the eyes of some companies it is simply a matter of public safety.

The Jankovich Company, privately owned and based in Southern California, has supplied fuel and lubricants to marine, automotive, commercial and industrial customers since 1933. Jankovich is committed to best practices and is considered a leader in quality, safety and customer service.

“Keeping the roads safe for everyone is the vision of The Jankovich Company and it’s a vision we share,” said Daniel Ross, CEO of Illume Software. “At Illume we firmly believe that technology is key in changing behavior. Fleet drivers across the nation are just as prone to texting temptation as we all are. It’s fantastic that Jankovich understands that and is taking action.”

“We selected iZUP to enhance the safety not only of our drivers but of the driving public,” said John Kenner, executive vice president of The Jankovich Company.

“We have many years of operation without an incident and continuously look for ways to improve our safety systems.

“With a large fleet transporting petroleum products on some of the busiest and most congested highways in the country, we wanted to go beyond policy and training in this area and use technology to completely eliminate the temptation for our drivers to use or to be distracted by cell phones while driving,” Kenner continued.

iZUP is an intelligent and accurate GPS-enabled mobile application that effectively eliminates all cell phone-related distractions. iZUP automatically launches when it detects the phone is in a vehicle traveling over five mph.

The application sends incoming calls to voicemail and holds text messages until the vehicle stops and a driver can respond to them safely.

iZUP also prevents outgoing communication while driving, yet always allows emergency calls to 9-1-1 and authorized numbers.

An account is created to manage a fleet of any size, small or large. The assigned account manager will automatically receive notifications if any driver attempts to disable iZUP or intentionally turn off GPS.

In addition, the managers can proactively monitor the iZUP account all from their customizable status page created by Illume.