Valspar launches first comprehensive low VOC automotive coating system

The Valspar Corporation a global leader in the paint and coatings industry, is expanding its automotive refinish product platform to include a comprehensive line - from primer to clear coat - of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) solvent-based paint products that meet the most current U.S. standards for low VOCs, including the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

“Meeting new air quality standards is a key requirement for many leading body shops,” said Jeff Potter, marketing director, Valspar Automotive Refinish. “We are pleased to introduce a full line of solvent-based low VOC components.

“Our system allows body shops to meet air quality standards while delivering high quality performance.”

The Valspar Low VOC System features the company’s signature Clean Air formulation with significantly reduced VOCs. This system allows auto body shops to switch to a solvent-based option with an improved environmental profile, without having to invest in new equipment.

The new system delivers the same level of performance and ease of application as traditional refinish coatings and helps body shops achieve their environmental requirements, according to Potter. Application techniques, time and coating coverage for the Valspar Low VOC System are the same as traditional solvent-based automotive refinish products.

From High Build (HB) sandable epoxy hybrid primers, high-strength mixing components that maximize coverage and productivity to a clear coat formulated for superior durability, the Valspar Low VOC System provides a complete refinish solution, he added.

This system complements Valspar Automotive’s existing line of products geared toward meeting air quality standards, including the premium De Beer water-base refinish solutions and the new House of Kolor Shimrin2 low VOC custom finishing product line.