listed as ‘Top 10 Web site’

A leading business-to-business marketing magazine has named the website of Mack Trucks, Inc. - - as one of the “10 Great Web sites” for 2010.

A panel of reviewers for, the magazine for marketing strategists, praised for its strong brand identity and clear understanding of its audience.

The Web site is geared toward heavy duty truck dealers and prospective Mack truck buyers, including truckers, construction companies, refuse haulers and other commercial companies.

“The primary goal of the site is to get visitors the information they need, whether that’s specific product information or a Mack dealer location,” said Sharon Shuman, Mack manager, e-business. “We also are focused on communicating our iconic brand and what “Built Like a Mack Truck” means for our customers today.”

“The company really did its research when it came to figuring out what its visitors want to know about the trucks,” said Kara Pernice, managing director, Nielsen Norman Group, who reviewed the site. “You know exactly what the trucks are supposed to do, and the company integrates the logo ... throughout the site in a fun way.” gives customers several ways to navigate, incorporates social media and addresses industry topics.

“One of the biggest topics in the industry right now is the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 emissions regulations,” said John Walsh, Mack director, media relations. “We’re meeting these regulations through the Mack ClearTech™ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions control system, and through our website we are able to get the word out about this important technology and what it means for our customers.”

The “Talking SCR” section provides visitors with personalized responses to their (often detailed) questions about the Mack ClearTech system.

“Talking SCR has become one of the most popular features on the site,” Shuman said.