TIA announces launch

The Tire Industry Association (TIA), one of the leading global authorities on tires, has announced the launch of www.certifiedtireservice.com, a new website that will feature complete contact information of TIA members in good standing who provide commercial truck tire and wheel service.

TIA members with current Certified Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Technicians linked to a member location will be listed in red, and will have a logo to represent their active participation in the CTS Certification Program. All members have the opportunity to customize their listing and provide additional information for those in need of service.

Locations can be searched by city, state or ZIP code, and the results also include a map to show the exact address.

"Commercial members have been asking us to provide this Web site for years, and we're confident that they will find it has been well worth the wait," said TIA senior vice president of training Kevin Rohlwing. "Now that the website is updated automatically to reflect the most current membership and certification status, technicians in need of recertification can literally take the exam online, and the member location will change to red with the logo the following day. It's as 'real time' as it gets."

For more information on the new ATS Program and the dates for Certified Instructor classes in 2011, visit the "Training" section of TIA's website - www.tireindustry.org - or contact TIA Director of Training Christine Marnett at cmarnett@tireindustry.org or 800.876.8372, ext. 106.

"We believe that certifiedtireservice.com has the potential to become a recognized brand name for commercial truck tire and wheel service. It gives the driver or the company in need of service the option of selecting a vendor that has made the commitment to train and certify their technicians," remarked TIA executive vice president Roy Littlefield.

In 2011, TIA will launch a promotional campaign that will highlight the 1,500 member locations and the 665 member locations that currently employ TIA-Certified Technicians.

TIA is also in discussions to partner with other associations in the trucking and transportation industries to include links to certifiedtireservice.com on their websites.