PPG’s MVP Business Solutions Group

PPG continues to expand the lean journey through the launch of a new workshop entitled, Introduction to Problem Solving. The workshop was piloted at the MVP Business Solutions Conference in September and focuses on problem solving methods and strategic planning routines for collision repair shops.

The workshop introduces strategies for uniting the collision center team in a common direction to improve the business. Once a direction is identified, process improvement can begin from the current state of the business through a problem solving routine.

During the workshop, participants learn how to effectively frame a problem and understand the implications of unresolved problems. Lean Six Sigma tools are introduced and demonstrated using relevant collision repair examples, drilling down to the root cause of a problem and generating team driven solutions.

“Problem solving is the foundation of a continuous improvement culture. It is important that managers recognize problem solving as an integral part of their job function. They must learn to lead their team through a process of creating solutions that solve the business’ unique problems,” explains David Knapp, senior manager, Business Solutions at PPG. “The team needs a shared vision of the future to work together effectively.”