NGV Safety Training

Type: Training
Date: 09/25/13 12:00 AM CT - 09/26/13 12:00 AM CT
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 800-510-6484

NGV Technician and Fleet Operations
Safety Training
September 24

One-day session that teaches you the elements involved in the safe maintenance practice, fueling procedures, and operation of NGVs.

What You Will Learn:

  • Properties of Natural Gas
  • NGV Technology
  • CNG Fueling Station Equipment
  • Emergency Action Plan and Procedures
  • Fueling Station Safety Equipment and Evaluation
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) Safety
  • Safe Defueling of NGVs
  • Fueling an NGV

CNG Fuel System Inspector Training
September 25-26

Two-day session that provides you with the proper technique for inspecting CNG fuel systems, including on-board CNG fuel storage cylinders.

What You Will Learn:

  • Properties of Natural Gas and Its Use as a Vehicle Fuel
  • Codes and Standards Covering CNG Cylinders
  • Types of Cylinders Used in NGVs
  • Component, Pressure Relief Device and Valve Standards
  • Cylinder and Fuel System Installation
  • Cylinder and Fuel System Inspection
  • Fuel System Final Disposition and Cylinder Disposal
  • Safe Defueling of NGVs
  • Fuel System Inspection Workshop