Ramp Up Your Diagnostics:

Type: Training
Date: 05/16/13 6:30 PM CT - 05/16/13 8:30 PM CT
Location: Kansas City, MO
Web site: http://www.asa-midwest.org

Making the most of your diagnostic time by utilizing your equipment to its fullest capabilities is the key to fast, accurate diagnosis.

Learn to couple your Lab Scope with a current probe for starting & charging system analysis, fuel injection, ignition, transmission, emission control or any other circuit or component analysis.

Expand your skills to learn how to couple your scope with a pressure transducer to find mechanical engine problems, cam & variable valve timing issues; low contributing cylinder- confirm ring & piston condition by inspecting crankcase pressure waveform; ignition misfire using exhaust pulse train; and fuel Injection delivery confirmation.

Discover how to use a scope with an amp probe to rapidly check circuit integrity at a component rather than having to unplug the PCM connector & ohm test the circuit between, test live under the conditions the circuit operates.

All these procedures can save you time and make you money! Don't miss this informative training session presented by a hands-on owner/technician/instructor.