Powerstroke Training Event

Type: Training
Date: 02/07/13 12:00 AM CT - 02/10/13 12:00 AM CT
Location: San Diego, CA
Web site: http://www.atsstraining.com/classes/san_diego.pdf

I have organized a Powerstroke Training Event in San Diego, CA, in early February, 2013.  The event will include presentations of classes for all Powerstroke Diesel engines produced to date. The event will be held at the Hampton Inn/Sea World Hotel from Feb. 7 – 10, 2013.

This is a great opportunity for a vacation to escape the winter weather in your locality.  San Diego is one of the nicest cities in the country with some of the best weather year-round. There are also plenty of things to do and see.

Bring the family (or not), take a vacation, escape the winter weather, and get educated, while at the same time being able to write off the trip as a business expense (disclaimer: consult your tax advisor for legalities).

If you’re not working on Powerstroke diesels you are missing a terrific profit opportunity.  There are now thousands of these trucks out of warranty and needing repairs. Yet, many shops turn this highly profitable work away, either due to inadequate training, tooling, or fear after hearing all the mythical horror stories about working on these trucks.  Want to become efficient and profitable?  Come to class and get the straight scoop on these, from a guy who works on them every day. You will make money working on these trucks!

The 7.3L Diagnostics class is the class that some people think they don’t need.  It’s amazing how many people come to class only to find that the operating strategies don’t work as they thought, or the systems operations work differently than they are aware of.  There are also many tips and tricks presented in this class to save you time and money!

The 6.0L class and the 6.4L Diagnostics classes are currently the most popular classes.  Repairs on these trucks are big dollar tickets and are definitely something you should consider working on if you’re not doing so already.  CHA-CHING!

The 6.7L class is an introductory class on the new engine which consists of an overview, maintenance recommendations, systems introduction, and tech tips.  These engines are still under warranty but you need to know the basic procedures on these trucks so you can take care of your customers’ maintenance needs, as well as have an idea of what the new engine is all about so you can talk to them as an informed technician.

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I have arranged for a discounted room rate at the hotel. There are a limited number of rooms available at this rate. Click here for the link to the hotel and the discounted rate:


See you in February!