ACOFAS clinic

Type: Seminar
Date: 04/24/12 8:00 AM CT - 04/25/12 5:00 PM CT
Location: Milwaukee, WI United States
Web site:
Phone: 815-482-4255

ACOFAS, the American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists is conducting a Two day clinic covering Department of Labor (DOL) postings, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and Occupational Safety and Hazard Agency (OSHA) regulations that affect the truck repair shop. Most independent shops are not aware what regulations affect them and therefore are at risk of violations and fines.

Some shop accidents may not be covered by Workers Compensation Insurance or by your General Liability policy if they are determined to be an OSHA violation. Can you afford to not know what a hazard is? Some of the everyday chemicals you use in your shop may be considered hazardous by the EPA. Can you afford to not know what is hazardous? The DOL requires postings for your employees to assure they know their rights, do you have these postings, do you know what they are, and do you have them posted.

Our Host is Nancy Hodges of National Spring in Milwaukee. We have many speakers to cover as many topics as time allows. The cost of this clinic is $150 per person for ACOFAS members, $200 per person for members of SSA, NTHECC, HDDA, & CVSN, $300 per person for all others. Trade press is at no charge.

As we are restricted to 36 guests you need to register as quickly as possible. Logon on to  for the Shop Safety Clinic Registration and Information. If you have questions please contact Gordon Botts at (815) 482-4255.