International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS)

Type: Conference/Expo
Date: 12/08/11 12:00 AM CT - 12/10/11 12:00 AM CT
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Web site:

Indianapolis has always been the birthplace and hub for racing in the U.S. When Indy found itself without a motorsports tradeshow in 2008, a dedicated group of motorsports industry leaders asked members of the racing community one simple question.

Would you like to see a motorsports industry tradeshow return to Indianapolis?

The answer, a resounding YES. The result, the International Motorsports Industry Show.

In motorsports it always takes a lot of talent and a lot of teamwork to become a winner. The same is true when you decide to stage a new motorsports industry show. Our team began with a group of hardcore racers who want the best for Indy and the best for the industry.

Starting with Jeff Stoops, who many of you know from his long involvement with USAC, the team added Chris Paulsen from C&R Racing and Tom Weisenbach from the Indiana Motorsports Association. With his deep Indiana roots, Tony Stewart was a natural to round out the team.

“Our goal is to always provide the hardcore racer with the best tradeshow experience from our Opening Reception to great Exhibitors to the best Education from motorsports’ industry experts at the birthplace of racing, because Indy is Racing.™”